First love was never meant for me

I was so blinded but I can see clearly now. If love is forever, then I didn't really love you. Or I did, then love can die. Maybe there's hope for foolish lovers too. Your a liar and your dirty to me. Now you've made me realise it's not good enough to say I don't care (because I actually do, but not in the way I expected) but to say; you're out of my life. Now I know for sure that you weren't worth all those tears, but they weren't in vain though, I really learnt much from them. I let go a long time a go so you're not a problem for me, not at all. I'm just happy to escape from you. Thank you for...for what? Nothing I guess, but it turned out to be so great for me. Thanks whatever you are to me.
Stronger and I love it.


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