Before we met.

I sort of don't remember who I was before I fell in love with you. And now I don't remember who I was when we were in love. It's only me.

Life goes on (it's not all about you)

I wanna tell you. My feelings. I don't know you anymore but I think you're the same. I'm changed. 100 miles changed and even more than that. I wanna make you understand that you're not everything. You're not everything to me. You're not everything to the world. It must be hard living a life thinking you're in the middle of everything. You're not. No one is. You told me you were. Too mature for me. But I know, because I've seen the world, I know that I'm more mature than you. You haven't been through the things I have. You haven't lost. Not really. You just think you have. I once lost my pride to give you a better confidence. I've been at the bottom. I've climbed up. I am stronger. I hope you also get a chance to see what life's really like. Then maybe you would understand, it's not all about you. It's not all about me. It's not all about anyone. But for now, I hope you're happy. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you're happier now than you ever were with me.

Feels like dying.

Wanna escape this life for a while. Or forever. See you freedom.

another time.

When you feel so misplaced you could die. I DON'T WANNA BE HERE ANYMORE.

Scratch on my window

There's a scratch on my window and it's telling a story. A story about a girl who wanted to leave and see the world. A girls who was to locked in and it didn't make sense to her curious mind. She did anything to leave, just to leave. So she left and those times changed her. When she returned, she knew that she didn't belong there anymore. So the scratch on the window became an important symbol for her wish to escape her old life. It helped her to survive those years she had to stay before she could leave again. It can mean so much, just a scratch on my window.

What if I belong here?

I wanna be somwhere else.

First love was never meant for me

I was so blinded but I can see clearly now. If love is forever, then I didn't really love you. Or I did, then love can die. Maybe there's hope for foolish lovers too. Your a liar and your dirty to me. Now you've made me realise it's not good enough to say I don't care (because I actually do, but not in the way I expected) but to say; you're out of my life. Now I know for sure that you weren't worth all those tears, but they weren't in vain though, I really learnt much from them. I let go a long time a go so you're not a problem for me, not at all. I'm just happy to escape from you. Thank you for...for what? Nothing I guess, but it turned out to be so great for me. Thanks whatever you are to me.
Stronger and I love it.

I believe in love

And I shall never give up.
I'm gonna pray for you.

No one know how it hurts.


Happy New Year

New years fading into old years. What's the difference, really? I left the worst but also my best year behind and I haven't really thought about everything I've been through this year. Not yet. I've grown up this year. For sure.

I started last year with a feeling I never had before, a bit dizzy and very happy. I was happy, indeed. I was still very young and naive. I proceeded, still happy but sometimes confused. I remained rather happy until April or May. That's when it all got really messed up inside. The happiness ended in June and the summer was painful and I did a lot of things I'm not proud of. The worst happened just before the ending of the summer. I can't really write about it since I can't understand it really happened. But it's real, awful and true. Problems solved, physically and I left the country, happier than ever. I was happier than ever the first weeks, I could live only on that energy that came from being happy. I've never felt that before. I went through alot that autumn and I changed. In a good way. That's all I can say and now it's time for me to sleep.

Define like

there's likely to be butterflies circeling around in your stomach.

I will love you better

Moving slowly apart or together, what so ever.

Breath even though it hurts

Crying to your favourite playlist and remembering all the early mornings you sat dozing on a red bus.
I really wish, from the bottom of my heart, that I could to that again. soon. It hurts to not be where I belong. Who falls in love with a city? Who's that insane person? That poor fellow? I guess I did fall in love with a city. I guess I'm that insane person. That poor fellow. I miss the lively streets I was walking. They were alive. I could die just to get there. My life is stuck there, between the east and west and all around. All over town. And it's a shame that it had to be this way, it's not enough to say I'm sorry. Maybe I'm to blame or maybe we're the same but either way I can't breath. All I have to say is goodbye. We're better of this way. I'm alive but I'm losing all my drive, 'cause everything we've been through and everything about you. Oh I have to learn to miss you. It's time to say goodbye. But oh, it's not. It's time to say see you later.

You're some dancer

You're some dancer in a close, close way and I'm sucked up by things that really mean something. I want to dance close to you again, hope you feel the same!

I believe it's a merry christmas

Open up my eager eyes

I fell in love with the world. And you.

Too much is enough, but not for me

I change profile pictures on facebook so often because I like expressing myself in photos. But. Mostly because I'm so restless. To be honest, I change profile pictures so often people never like them anymore. That's why I'll try to keep my current one for a long time. At least for a few more days.

Anna and I

To all of you who didn't get the chance to live together with this fantastic girl (to the right) for four months! I'm not sure you'll ever find a better person to share house with. I won't, that's for sure. Feels strange not waking up in the room next to yours. Feel stranfe not eating breakfast with you. Feels strange not running to the bus with you in the mornings. I don't just miss the city and the great times, I miss you and the great times we had together. But everything has it's ending but every ending is the beginning of something new!

I am not yours for the taking (don't mess me around)

Trust makes us trust people. Lies make me hate you. You said you were honest but that was also a lie.

From another angle

I love the way you looked at me.


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